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Chasing Nikki (Chasing Nikki, #1)

Chasing Nikki (Chasing Nikki, #1) - Lacey Weatherford I was looking for something that will make me cry and I remember the girls saying that they cried because of this book. Please make me cry NOT because you disappoint me. :POh boy. It certainly didn't disappoint me. I was crying from the start up to the last page. I cried, smile, smirk, laughed, cried some more and laughed again and cried again. It's so heartbreaking. :( As I remember the story, I can't clearly see what I'm typing here as I get teary eyed again. In some ways, I think my mind predicted what's gonna happened at the end. Cause I said before reading it, "Will Chasing Nikki make me cry? I want a book that will make me cry NOT because of the STUPID love triangle. And please no dying MC." see? my brain knew it. :( Just adding my two cents about Chase. Chase is an honest, responsible (sometimes when he's not smoking pot or drinking. :D), protective, kinda cool, cocky, and funny guy. I like him a lot. His problem though is what men always have. I mean, if only men could share their problems to people who they trust, they wouldn't resolved to drinking or using drugs. It's just a matter of confiding to someone to ease the pain but sadly men thinks that if they do, it'll make them a lesser man (you know what I mean). It's all about the pride of being a MAN. Duh. >:(The story is something a bit predictable. I mean, the first part. The second part, not so much unless you count what I said in the spoiler, but still, I'm not aware of that. >_< My eyes hurts from crying. Damn. Now I need a book that'll make me frustrated. :PThis book really had me from the first page up to the last. I even finished it in 6 hours or less. :) I'm kinda confused as to why there's a next book when there's an Epilogue that says a lot? :O