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Witch Born

Witch Born - Eep!!! I was given the eARC by the author herself... And was asked to post a review by September 5. And well, I just finished it today. Cause I said to myself that I still have time. Apparently, not true. For starters, I fell in love with the cover. It's so pretty!!! In all honesty, when I started reading this second AND last book of this series, I can't even remember what happened in first book. Please don't kill me. I read it a long time ago, like last year. So you can't really blame me if my memory is foggy. But still, somehow, the lost memory came back piece by piece as I continue to read Witch Born.In the first book, the Witches have destroyed Tarten, cursed the land even, then Senna was taken by Haven as an Apprentice. In the first pages of Witch Born, Brusenna was trying to lift the curse from Tarten. The story revolves around that, well almost. Plus a new revelation to what really happened with the First Witch War. Senna grew stronger day after day, and she wished to free Tarten so much, she'll do everything for it. Joshen and Reben were still there as Brusenna's Guardians. Joshen was against Brusenna's plans. I understand his point, but he just became too whiny for my taste. And... and... there's this new character named Cord and I just knew he'll be attracted to Senna. >:( After reading like 60% of it, Cord just came out from nowhere (well, actually he appeared... uh, not spoiling it...) and I feel that it'll start a love triangle! And well, I'm partly right but... you have to read the book. LOL. When I read that, I want to throw my phone and I was so frustrated I got teary eyed. I was also so mad with that Composer. >:( I guess, that just show how good Argyle is in writing this story. How she twisted it in that 70% until the end. But I know that something is wrong with that one character and I suspected she is the spy. I'm giving it a 3.5 stars but I rounded it up to 4-star. I really liked it although there's a time I want to beat some sense into some of the characters.