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Rapture (Fallen, #4)

Rapture (Fallen, #4) - Lauren Kate Why am I not surprise that the ending would be like that even though I haven't read any spoilers for it. I stayed away from all spoilers and just read it though I spent 2-3days reading it. I was out so didn't have time to read.The only time I could remember that this book got any reaction from me was when two angels died. AND when it was revealed the whole truth about Lucinda. I was like "What the fuckery is this?" Yep, my actually uttered words earlier. I was asked why am I doing this to myself, meaning why am I reading this. As I have mentioned, it's the LAST BOOK and I kinda want a closure.Apparently, so does Lucifer. He needs a fucking closure too. THAT'S JUST ALL IT WAS ABOUT. THE WHOLE FOUR BOOKS. THE FALL OF THE ANGELS IS JUST BECAUSE LUCIFER CAN'T MOVE ON. OMFG. It was like asking for your EX-BF to let you move on so you and him won't have to hurt each other anymore. Moved on with your life. When I was reading it, it was just totally about that. Ugh. You'll want to smack Lucifer in the back of his head for not moving on and being selfish. :/As far as I know, Love is not supposed to be selfish, right? That was, I believe, written in the bible in Corinthian 13. But there's this line in the book that said:She and Daniel would risk everything for their love.Selfish much? She's prepared to risk her friends too? Her parents? Even the whole freakin' world? Oh, for God's sake. :/ But oh, well, I'm done with this series and actually can't believe that I kinda liked the first books. Don't ask me why and how. This is it. I'm happy I finished it. That's it. No more questions. IT WAS OKAY.WARNING: DON'T READ THE COMMENTS BELOW IF YOU DON'T WANT THE BOOK TO BE SPOILED TO YOU. I'm sorry Margot! >_