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From What I Remember...

From What I Remember... - Stacy Kramer, Valerie  Thomas This book is--just as Deniz said--a roller coaster ride in which I think I barely held on. I sincerely liked it from the start. It's really intriguing to have a Prologue like that. Kramer knows how to get the reader's attention, in my opinion. I honestly want to pull my hair out sometimes though. But as I mentioned before, the book is annoyingly good.One minute, I like it, another minute, I want to bang my head to the wall. Seriously, what's up with you Max? You have some bipolar issues or something? I do have a tendency to be bipolar but man, you have some serious problem. Cause in my case, I only have it for like 5 to 10 minutes. LOL.Kylie is soooooo over thinking about things and sooooooo uptight too about almost everything. I mean, I totally understand she's an achiever and all that. But still... anyway, it's good to see her release some of that tension inside her. And Max... Max, oh for God's sake. He's a... a... selfish one. >:( and seriously mental.Story-wise... It's good. I feel like I'm in high school once again. Not that I partied up late or have been in an adventure like that. Maybe the it's just the issues I could relate to. And it's cause there's a bit of Spanish. I could understand some words cause we are colonized by the Spaniards way, way back. And we still use some Spanish words in daily life. The way the Mexicans partied, almost the same with ours. We also have lively Fiestas and all of the people in the community would join the fun. :)Can I just say I love Will? I totally like his gayness. And I like that he's the type of gay who STILL loves to wear manly clothes. And also, I quote "What the fuck?" to some scenes that really made me cuss in shock. :PI was contemplating between a 3 or 4 stars or even less. But when I got to the speech, man, I know I should give it a 4stars cause it deserves it. :)