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Curse of the Bane (Last Apprentice Series #2)

The Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane (Book 2) - Joseph Delaney THERE MIGHT BE UNMARKED SPOILERS HERE. too lazy to edit it wholeFinally! I'm done reading it! I started it 5 days ago or more? I've been busy with something and didn't really get a chance to read it straight even though someone was nagging at me to read faster. :/Eep! There's this time when I suddenly detested the Church. Okay, wait, that sounds like bad. I just mean, I detested the church IN THIS BOOK. Not necessarily I detested it in real life cause I don't. Well, okay, maybe just a tiny bit. But I just want to clarify, I'm a believer though I'm on the neutral ground, you know what I mean? In any case, I said that cause the priests in the book were irritating me and there's this Quisitor which remind me of Harry Potter's Dolores Umbridge for being the High Inquisitor of Hogwarts. That guy there, Quisitor, was sooooooo bad and ruthless, I hate him even before he was shown. >:( I also cheated here, I read the blurb of the third book cause I really wanted to know if the Spook will still live. See, there's this curse about the Spook so I desperately wanted to know if he'll live. And so when I appease myself, I'm still over the edge when they said someone will die. I was like, "Nooooo... They can't die..." Though I know that it will not come true cause they were still in the third book. :PThere's this question I wanted to know... Is Tom's Mam a Lamia Witch like Meg? I wanted to know more but I don't have the third book yet. I just asked my brother to give it to me as a birthday gift. :P Over-all, I really like the book. :) Tom has his own silver chain! Yay! And finally Alice is in care of the Spook.