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Immortals And Melodies (Blood And Guitars #2)

Immortals And Melodies (Blood And Guitars #2) - Heather Jensen I started early but I still end up finishing it slowly. With all the dramas I've been into and didn't got to read the whole day of Sunday and Monday... It's a valid excuse. :PSurprisingly, I now realize that I really don't give a damn about the paranormal stuffs in this book. I was more into it because of the romance between Trey and Aurora, and the music. It's like the vamp part was just some minor stuff and not really about it. LOL. In the first part, the vamp part is almost non-existent, save a few mention of blood, fangs, Damir, Emissary, and whatever else there is. But that didn't mean the story is not great. I really love Trey cause he's really a sweet person, totally different from the cocky jerkish guys I've been reading in the last week. It's refreshing. I didn't know how many times I let my jaw dropped, how many times I feel like my eyes would pop out for getting so wide. *laughs*And I absolutely love Trey for doing that event. It really surprised me and well, of course, Aurora. I didn't expect that will happen. Cause I really thought it's not that. Jensen deceived me well! And that's a good thing, mind you. I got teary eyed for a lot of moments right from the start to that event. I wish I could have it done too and got a stress free day. :PThe vampire part just came after the Ritual. And I really don't mind it. I like how it goes, but still I can't give it a 5-stars cause the vampire part is really kind of lacking. But well, I still love it even though it's like that cause the relationship between Trey and Aurora plus the music makes up for it. What can I say? I'm a sucker for rock stars and a sweet story, so this book is definitely for me. I really like it from the bottom of my slow reading brain and heart. :P I recommend it to everyone who likes Rock stars and some paranormal romance, but don't expect too much about the paranormal part. :)