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On the Island

On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves Finished before midnight! I thought I wouldn't finish this in a day! :P Been busy with converting something so I didn't get enough time to read and well, I spent until before midnight to finish it.Oh boy. I was having doubts with this one when I decided to read it. It was because my reader played with me, I thought that I'm gonna read a 600 page book. But really it's just 300 something. I just read this in one day! Yay! I would finish it sooner if I didn't do anything other than read, but well, anyway...I was speechless. I enjoyed reading it, I smiled, laughed and got teary-eyed. When I started it, I wished that I would like it. And yes, I got my wish, I loved it. From the start, the story had me. I got hooked, I almost didn't want to eat cause I want to read what happened to them. The love story was, for me, predictable. We all know what the world view of having a huge age gap relationship - 13 years age difference - people would surely talk about it, especially in this book because Anna is a teacher. BUT, the rest of the story? NO, it's not predictable.Survival is never predictable in an island. I would never dream of living in a deserted island with nothing at all but trees, ocean animals and the sea in front of you. Anna and TJ did everything to survive. I really thought that they were going to die and will never be home again.I love that Anna and TJ's romance didn't start as soon as they were stranded on the island. It develops slowly, giving them enough time. Sure, TJ was attracted to Anna from the start but he didn't just jump to her once he had a chance.I really can't explain very well why and how I love this book. I recommend it to all, I don't really mind the cursing in here and some sex since it's not really THAT descriptive unlike to some books I read. :P