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Revenge of the Witch (Last Apprentice Series #1)

Revenge of the Witch - Joseph Delaney, Patrick  Arrasmith Revenge of the Witch had me gripping the edge of my seat. The first few chapters makes me stop reading it. I actually stopped reading at the beginning of Chapter 3. Yes, I'm a coward. Lol. I stopped cause I'm kinda scared of when the Spook said that Tom would be all alone in a hunted house and he needs to meet whatever it is in the cellar. Just thinking about it gives me the shudder!But oh well, I find Tom okay. I mean, he's scared of the Spook, who wouldn't? Even I was afraid of him! But he knows he have to man in it up. He makes poor choices some times but he sticks with it. He proves that he could make it better or he could right it. And that's loads better than whining. And the choices he made? That's understandable. He's just a kid, well, a thirteen year old kid. I like the promise he made with the boggart. I think it's just fair for the boggart. :)Surprisingly, I came to like the Spook. He cared for his Apprentices, he's dependable. Even though his job is quite scary for others. He seemed lonely too, that's understandable cause of the job.The plot is something entirely new. And I liked it, I even finish it quickly cause it's not that really long per book. The series was the long one. :P I hope I could read the next soon. :)