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Blood and Guitars

Blood and Guitars - Heather Jensen 3.5 stars. First and foremost, if you feel strongly about music and arts, this book is for you. If you want some action-packed paranormal vamp book, then I suggest, you go read something else. But then again, JP said that in book 2 there'll be lots of action scene. Though, who am I to actually prove that if I just finish this book today after four days? *shrugs*So, this book was written in a two POV style. Uh, don't know what it's called. But the first one who's thoughts you'll read was Aurora's and honestly, in the first 6 Chapters, if I'm not mistaken, she will bore you about Vampires. It's not really that much, I mean, it's kinda vague. The other POV was Trey's. AND I'll guarantee you, Trey will NOT BORE you. I swear about that. That's the only thing that keep me going. I mean, I like Trey and his music and the arts, Aurora's painting. But the music part is SO MUCH better than the Vampire part. You'll think this is a chick lit story, you'll only be reminded that it is a Vamp book cause of the occasional mention of the word Vampire and blood, fangs and all that shenanigans.Eessh. I actually forgot what I'm about to write since I was distracted by someone's post. Uh, I guess that's it? LOL. I really can't remember and I feel like I'm just gonna repeat whatever I said in the first few paragraphs. I think I said it already. I like the music. And Trey, that's why this one was rounded up to 4 stars. ;)Oh, okay, I remember some, it's just that I was surprised at how Trey reacted to Aurora when she told him the truth. I didn't expect he'll just go with it and how easily he accepted the offer of Aurora to change him.