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Heroes of Olympus, The, Book One: Lost Hero, the (Int'l Paperback Edition)

The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus #1) - Rick Riordan GODS. I don't know what to say. Romans and Greeks in one book... Honestly, it's a bit confusing at first. But if you think of it as the Gods having split personalities, I guess my brain could cope up even though I'm coping too slow for my own good.One thing I didn't expect that I should have is that last sentence of the book. I didn't thought of that... Yeah, excuses. :P Anyway, story wise, I like it very much. I like how Riordan fused Greek and Roman Mythologies. Though I just wished it was written in the first person POV since I was used to it.The three characters were well-developed. I like Leo the most though. He's so witty and charming, in my opinion. Better than Jason, himself. And I first didn't like Piper cause I feel at that she's clingy or something but then she started to change. I'm amaze that she became like that. I mean, she's not like most of her cabinmates; the girl's smart and made me think of that Goddess a little differently. Although there's a part where she's gushing over Jason. Like saying he's HOT. For the love of gods, please just stop. :PJason is a little predictable? Uh, something like that. And well, being the son of that God, of course big things and responsibilities were expected for him to handle. Then again, it's just that. I don't know. I don't like him that much unlike Leo.It's really not that mind blowing like Percy Jackson (still waiting for Percy to appear. So gonna read the second book soon) but definitely a good book! 4.5stars.