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Shadowfever (Fever Series #5)

Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning Errr... This series is totally not the type of fairies like Tinkerbell or whatever faeries there are in the Disney World or Pixars. It was a dark compelling world of Fae. The story is something that would set you on edge, be mad because of the cliffhangers; it will also give you a roller coaster ride of emotions. I was mad, teary-eyed on some parts, bored, and smirking.A lot of times I was tempted to peek at the end of the book. I did not peak at the ending, for those who might ask. Just the middle part since I'm contemplating whether I would read the whole book cause I thought a possible ending and didn't like it. But I got what I want when I sneak a peek. I am guilty of not reading it correctly in the first part. Correction to my earlier statement, I read without understanding it, that's why I said I skimmed and skipped some paragraphs. But well, decided to just go on and read the whole book without skipping.First part, I felt Mac's grief. Felt it like it's my own. Reaction to it? "It doesn't f***ng make sense." But then again, after reading it continuously, I begin to see the 'sense'. Although Mac's train of thoughts when she's grieving hurts the hell out of me too.I have my own assumptions and speculations. But as usual, the authors made my assumptions always wrong. :D Well, in some parts. The turn around of the story was - in my opinion - unexpected. Or maybe it's just me. The questions were answered, though I still wanna know what really is Barrons. >_< Getting them to cooperate was one hell of a MIRACLE. And maybe that's why I never come to like V'lane. I'm on Barrons all the way since the beginning. Never paid V'lane attention much. Overall, good series. Though definitely for adults only. :D 4.5 stars. rounding it up for Barrons. :)