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Onyx (Lux Novel)

Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout Finally! I could read it now! Yay! Hah! Katy, since you're Katy too, sure, go ahead and have Daemon. :P But lemme just drool over him a bit, eh? :PSWEET BABY JESUS. Daemon just made me swoon, gush, drooling and melting over him! He is so much better in this book! I love it! I don't even know what to say. I would just swoon over him and gushing it all out or whatever. This is seriously good! Crap. I'm babbling. There's this new character named BLAKE. And Daemon was always saying his name wrong just to annoy him and Katy. So I tallied it and list the names he called Blake. It's as follows (respectively. :P): Ben, Brad, Bob, Biff, Bart, Bo, Benny, Bobby, Boris, Bryon, Flake, Hank, Butler, Bilbo, Bobo (I laughed at this one, cause in my language, bobo means stupid/idiot), Bartholomew, Butter-face, Bradley and lastly Bill. 19 different names. Hah! Isn't Daemon adorable and such an ass? :PThough Katy... Katy... Katy... (not you my friend Katy. :P) I guess making wrong decisions in a book were required. >_< Well, I didn't think that I'll be tearing up with their confessions and whatnot by the end of 80% or so.I have my favorite scene! It's the scene where Katy made the vlog for her In My Mailbox Meme. :) Awww. That's too cute and I wish it's really real. :)And oh boy, that's the ending? Well, it is a cliffhanger, in some ways. But still, it's not a strong cliffhanger, in my opinion. So yes, Glam, you could still read this one. You'll love it! :)