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Bloodfever (Fever Series, Book 2)

Bloodfever - Karen Marie Moning Due to insistent public demand, I'm picking this up. :P Yes, to all of those who recommend it to me. Here it goes. :)4.5 stars. Hmmm... Okay, so I like this one better than the first book cause THAT book made me bored to the point I was contemplating whether to finish it or not. This book is SO MUCH better and it didn't bored me to death. Though I skipped some thoughts of Mac. Like when she's differentiating something cause that just made me sleepy.I liked it cause it's action-packed. Though some questions were still not answered and just left me more questions. Who or What is Jericho Barrons? I honestly think he's a half-Fae or something. Still questions about Mac's heritage. And the last part was a cliffhanger. Who got the Sinsar Dubh? She said she saw it. So who is it?And for the second time, there's a book that made me want to spill my guts out. Seriously! That is so fecking gross! How did she stomach it, I don't know, but well, she's desperate. >_< And Barrons, the arrogant man, kinda annoyed me but still made me laugh. He called Mac by her name whenever she's on the verge of death. >:( "I'm the one with the boobs!""I know you're the one with the boobs! They're in my fucking face every time I turn around!"That just made me laugh. I mean, they're all serious, Barrons said that he don't know who's who between Mac and the guy. And then she just said that she's the one with the boobs. LOL.