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The Hunt (The Hunt, #1)

The Hunt (The Hunt, #1) - Andrew Fukuda Contains some unmarked spoilers.I don't know what's wrong with me. I just finished this book and all I could do was sigh deeply. I feel like there's something heavy in my chest. >_< You know, Andrew Fukuda didn't say what this 'people' - for the lack of better or right word - are called. They are not exactly vampires as one might think because of the blood sucking or whatnot. And they are certainly not zombies just because they eat flesh. So what to call them? Predators? Yeah, maybe. Okay, I'll just use that word. This book made my mouth opened a lot of times. Whether in awe or in disgust. I actually wanted to heave when the descriptions became too... descriptive for my own good. Heper or humans were treated as a cattle, categorized as a thing, they were called 'it'. And since these predators are flesh eating people, it's too gross when you imagine they were eating raw meat with blood dripping down their chins. Or they are drinking blood like water. Seriously, how could Gene stomach that? Well, I guess, if you really want to survive, you'll do everything even if it means you're eating raw things with blood. *yuck.*I keep expecting Gene - you'll know he's name after reading 50% of the book, I know, too damn long for a name to arrive but that's necessary - to be eaten *shudders* by the predators lots of time. I mean, he's trying to blend in, okay, so he really blended in the pack of predators. He did what his father said to him.His father told him lots of things on how to survive this world. How to blend in good and so that he'll not be detected. He needed to act, show his poker face, not do unnecessary things. Don't fall in love with one of them. Keep to yourself. And Never Forget Who You Are. When he got chosen in The Heper Lottery - btw, Heper means human - I somehow doubt it's by pure luck. I actually thought that whatever was in the box (is it a box? Can't remember. :D) was Gene's assigned number. That's what my mind told me when they were drawing the numbers. I know they are specifically chosen. And somehow, I have a feeling the Ashley June is also a human.I was frustrated when Gene didn't went to the Dome immediately, where the hepers are located, when he was already smelly the first day. I mean, didn't he thought of that as soon as he started to smell? The other hunters would be sleeping cause the sun was up and he'll be the only one who's awake and the dome would be down. There's a lake or river in there and he could use that to take a bath and drink water. But he went after 2 nights smelling like a heper as he is.I'll jump right to the ending. What a cliffhanger! I thought there's more so I keep on turning the page but what I read after is Acknowledgement. :( Seriously, I wonder what would happen to Ashley June? Maybe in book 2, Gene would try to go back and save her? Since she could last for a month in that cage. And I had my mouth wide-opened again when Fukuda reveals that the Scientist whose helping Sissy, Epap, David, Jacob and Ben - the hepers who live in the Dome - was Gene's father! He saw it in Epap's sketchbook, where the latter drew the scientist portrait. There are a lot of things Gene's father hadn't told him. There is this thing about the Ruler too. And it makes me wonder what the paparazzi said about Ashley June to Gene, the night of Gala. She's not what she's supposed to be or something? She's still keeping something. But I think her affection to Gene is genuine... OR... maybe not... It's really hard to speculate since there's a lot of things you could end up to. I want the Book Two. NOW. Sadly, we all have to wait until January 29th, 2013 for the second book. A long wait!