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Magyk (Septimus Heap Series #1)

Magyk (Septimus Heap Series #1) - 3.5 stars. Rounded it up.I'm not sure if I'm gonna read the next book soon. Maybe no, I'll delay it, procrastinate again. It's not like Harry Potter, I didn't even compared them, I don't see the comparison, you see. I'm not even hooked by it at the first few pages unlike my last read, The Last Apprentice (Book 1). I slow read this one cause I was confused, slightly bored and can't understand it. Is it my fault? Well, maybe, cause I read it right after finishing The Last Apprentice, and then put it off to read Slave. In my defense, JP said that it will get better as the story goes forward, that means it's kinda boring at first, right? What made me confused was that why does Sage keeps on changing the POV? I mean, can't you just focused on one or two POV? It's hard to keep up, IMO. But no, you'll have all the character's POV. As in ALL, even the dog, Maxie. WTH? It's not like I want to know what the dog thought of. And yes, all the questions I asked were answered at the end. For one I guess deep down, I know who really is Septimus Heap between the two boys I mentioned earlier in my rant. So since I don't want to spoil it to anyone I'll leave the identity of Septimus for you to uncover yourself. Unless you want me to tell you. :PWhen I read about Simon Heap, in the first part, I immediately knew that he'll be trouble. He's selfish. He's greedy for power. I haven't read the Septimus 1.1 then, but I know he'll be bad. How do I know? Well, Simon was described in the book as someone who aspired to be an ExtraOrdinary Wizard (I know, weird name for a title), he wants to be the Apprentice of the EOW. He really likes to do Magyk. He, in my opinion, craved it. So I really hated him for being selfish. He'll do anything to get what he wanted. Even sacrificing his family's safety.It gets better after 45%. I begin to enjoy it, really enjoy it. But still, there're moments that bored me again cause too many descriptions of surroundings (I don't really like reading descriptions of surroundings that much). I even skipped some paragraphs near the ending. Cause it's just saying what happened to the other characters Sage mentioned. In all honesty, I don't really care about those characters she mentioned, I'm not even curious to know what happened to them so I just skimmed it.From what I understand from the book, there's only ONE ExtraOrdinary Wizard and that's Marcia. She's like the highest type of Wizard - why Wizard? Isn't it supposed to be Witch? Since she's a girl? - in their place (shoot, I forgot what's their place called! I don't think it was mentioned. >_< ). And then there's Ordinary Wizard, like Silas Heap. And well, some of the details were blurred in my mind now. I really wanted to like it more but I don't know. I'm just okay with it.