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Slave - Sherri Hayes Okay. My curiosity got the better of me so I've read this one. When you got friend who are all reading a book, you CAN'T HELP but be curious what it was all about. :P The story was really interesting for me. It's really not my genre, I'm more of YA reader and this one was certainly NOT YA. BDSM too IS NOT my THING, I don't get why people like to use whips, cuffs or anything else I don't want to know about, just to be satisfied with sex or whatever.The plot had me going that even though it still took me more than 6hours of reading whereas SOME people I know finished it for just 2 and a half hours, I still finish it in one day. So yay me! Anyway, I commend Stephan for being patient with Brianna. Cause well, I'm not a patient woman, if I'm him, I'll just end up threatening her or something. :D And I don't get how Stephan is so damn rich. Well yes, he's the President and CEO of a non-profit charity organization. Um, how did he became rich? Did being in the charity business will really make you rich?! If so, I'll want to start one! :P Stephan's frustration is really not showing that much. He's patient but I want him to lose his patience! Cause it's not easy to deal with people! Brianna, she's Anna right? Btw, why Finding Anna? Cause she lost her way? Because she's a slave? Well okay, so Brianna, I understand her problems, traumas but... whatever.I like that Stephan slowly works his way to earn Brianna's trust. I like how he said that he'll not have her if she didn't want him to. That the initiative to have sex should come from Brianna and not him even though he really wanted to, you know. AND WHAT IS WITH THAT ENDING? Just like that? It's not really what you call a cliffhanger... but still, you will ask the question "That's it? I read the whole book and you'll leave it like that?" Thank Goodness for book 2 that's out now. But since all of my friends are saying that it's such a cliffhanger... I should stay away from it for now. :P There are also lots of unanswered questions in my mind. And I couldn't list them all. I just wished it'll be answered on the next book. And hurrah for the next book! There's a sex scene! Been waiting for that in book 1 but no, there's no sex scene in SLAVE which kinda disappoints me. :P