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The Knife of Never Letting Go: bk. 1 (Chaos Walking)

The Knife of Never Letting Go - Patrick Ness As of now, I don't know what to say besides, one, I love Manchee. That's how I picture a dog's mind and characteristic. They were so loyal to you once they get attached to you. They'll never leave you and would protect you no matter what. so imagine my horror when Manchee died. Todd left him. I feel like my heart's breaking. Manchee was so damn confused why Todd's not getting him from the claws of Aaron. :( I cried because of it. I remember our dog, Prince. :( Two, AARON is psychotic, monster and certainly NOT HUMAN. AND He's so damn persistent! Why won't he die?! Just drop dead already for the first time! How can a person lives when you're bitten by a croc on your shoulder and tear your ear?! WTH? And how could you still live even though a dog bite off your freakin' nose?! That's just insane! *breathes in, breathes out*Third, I wouldn't want ANYONE to hear my NOISE. EVER. It'll be so freakin' embarrassing. :PFourth, why do they called the "Spackle" alien? Aren't they the ALIEN here? Cause they're the one who went to THEIR World and THEY (meaning the Todd's people) were the one who's NEW to the place and NOT the other way around?That's all. I don't know what rate I'll give this one. Gave it a four cause I was a bit bored by the first part and SO CONFUSED about it. But after it, the story gets okay and I get some answers. I became attached to Manchee and all that. I didn't expect the truths Ben told Todd. Well, that's because I'm not thinking at all about it. Just the present. Overall, it's a good read and it was such a cliffhanger. :- Thankfully the second and the third book's already out. But I'll not read it yet.