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Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen, #2)

Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen, #2) - Rebecca Maizel Stolen Nights, the second book of Vampire Queen, IS AWESOME! Rebecca Maizel really did it with Stolen Nights! I really, really, really loved it! I'm so thankful to JP for introducing Infinite Days to me. :PRemember my review in Infinite Days? I said I really wish that there'll be more kick-ass actions in the book. And heck! My wish was granted! I didn't get bored since from the start, there's 'actions'. And all my wish were there. I get to see Rhode again. Suleen. Tony (even though it's just mere seconds). Anyhow, the plot was really good. I mean, it's really unique. With Lenah wanting to be human again after being made a Vampire without having a choice, from there, I know this story was really a unique one. A friend (yes, JP, it's you) already spoiled the book to me (Yes, yes, my fault for clicking the damn spoiler button) but still I can't wait to read it 2 days ago. I usually don't read spoilers cause I get lazy to finish a book, but Stolen Nights? I finished it in less than 10 hours! 8 hours to be exact cause I did some chores first. So even knowing what happened to them because of the spoiler button (seriously?! Why did they invent spoiler button?!) I did not expect the characters and the story to be like that. I didn't imagine it, didn't thought of it. I hated the Aeris for keeping Lenah and Rhode away from each other. And I really hate the options they gave Lenah. :(I didn't like Justin ever since book one. And even though he's been manipulated by Odette, and had a valid reason for THAT, I still don't like him. I'm really on TEAM RHODE.Rhode, I love Rhode. Sheesh! No I'm not rating the book because of Rhode. I like him very much because he's really a sweet guy. And the sparks between him and Lenah? WOW. I just kept grinning. Right there and then, I want him to be happy with Lenah. He already lost too much and in pain for a long time. He deserves happiness. I just didn't get it how Rhode could be happy without Lenah. Cause Lenah decided to go back in 15th century and let Rhode be in the 21st. That's cruel. If you guys read the Epilogue, your heart will go out for Rhode. Mine did. :( But well, I understand why Lenah did that. She wanted to have a normal life, she didn't choose to be a vampire. But I wish there'll be a way they could still be together. And there's Vicken! Omg. I like him too. I like him now that he's Human. He's funny, supportive, protective, and a lot more. I really enjoyed reading the book because of Vicken. Lenah's choices were understandable, what I didn't understand was why she keeps hanging with Justin. What I really like was that she's connected to Rhode. She could see what's in Rhode's mind or just flashes of it. They are soulmates. So I really wish they'll still be together. I like that Lenah is a kick-ass character! She also do her spells like when she did when she was a vamp. Most books I've read says that once a vamp, you could not touch or do magic since they were undead. They don't have a life anymore and that's what I liked in SN too, vamps could do magic.YES, I really want a third book. And I wonder when will there be a news about it. Seriously! How long should we wait for it?! >_