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Serial Hottie

Serial Hottie - Kelly Oram Rated it 3.5 stars. It was funny on some scenes, I grinned and all that. But I'm not really fond of characters who had personality disorder. Yes, I like Seth but when he's normal and flirty. I don't like him when he became so overly protective to Ellie.And I really don't like unstable guys. I'm used to unstable girls since I'm one. Lol! Kidding aside, Unstable guys are no-no to me.What I liked about Ellie is she's so damn good! I mean she certainly can kick your sorry a$$ if your rude to her. She don't back done to the fight. But it really annoyed me when she accused Seth and I want to give her a nice jab when she just let THAT person to you know, know what's happening in her life. Seriously, that's being stupid. You didn't trust Seth but you trust some mangly... yeah, okay. Enough of that.I don't like Angela that much. Sure she became a nice big sis to Ellie but I still don't like her. She's kinda annoying but I do get her point.Seth, as I've set was an unstable guy but lovable. I know *rolls eyes* kind of confusing. But he had qualities that were swoon worthy but there's also a lot of time you want to smack his head in the wall for being so overprotective.All in all, I liked it but not that much. Cause a lot of times it makes me want to scream at Ellie, Seth and Angela. Ugh.