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Almost - Anne Eliot Review originally posted here.I started reading this book, I think it was June 20, 2012 and I finished it today. Two weeks of me reading it. Why did it took me two weeks? One, I was bored in the first few chapters of this book. I'm not gonna pretend or lie about it. I was bored BUT there's something in my mind that says I need to finish it. A friend of mine actually said to me that if I didn't like it, no need to punish myself over it. But still I decided to continue even if it's taking my precious time.Second reason why it took me two weeks was that I keep on putting it off. I've read other books that was why I only finish it now. Heck, I've been putting TGL off too!But as I slow read this book, about 32% done with it, I started to grin like an idiot. That could only mean one thing. I'm starting to like it. Yes, it's taken me too long to before I finally like the book but IMO, it's worth it. It's worth reading.Now, I need to review this or I'll just start random babbling.  Soooo, this book, as the blurb says, was about a girl who's ALMOST raped. Almost okay, almost living better. Almost. The book was written in two POV's, Jess Jordan's and Gray Porter's. What I like about it having two POV's was that I get to see what Gray Porter's mind works. I mean, I was always in the head of a female MC (from the books I've read) and having a male MC in your mind--take note, if and only if the said Male MC is hot, cocky, playful, likes you a lot and all that--was totally cool.Jess Jordan struck me as a strong character. She knows what she wants. She wanted to live normally like she used to. She wanted to go to college and go away from home so her parents would not always hover at her. That's the reason why she made a deal with Gray Porter. So yeah, she struck me as a strong-willed character, she doesn't want to back down. And damn, she always slugs down Red Bull because it helps her not sleep so that she'll never have nightmares.Gray Porter... Gray. Just like the other guy MC I have read over the weeks, I'm liking him too. Well, the reason why Gray sticks to Jess was because he's involved to what almost happened to Jess. Okay, I'm totally not saying anything. Just read it. Being in Gray's mind made me smirk, grin whatever you want to call it, like a freakin' idiot. I was reading it earlier with people in my surrounding and I CAN'T HELP NOT TO GRIN!!! It's like, OMG, you are such a big flirt!! I like guys who flirts with their partners, like them teasing their girls.