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My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick My Life Next Door was recommended to me by my friend, Mijesther. She said that I will love the book and I should get to it as soon as I have the copy. So what I did was of course, read it and put off my other Currently Reading books. So, onto the review... One might ask if it is boring. The answer is sometimes. BUT not in a way that you couldn't continue reading it. It's just that it's somehow slow-paced. So, did I like it? DEFINITELY. But as you could see I rated it only 4-star. Since there are some moment that I wanted to tear my hair out.One, the plot was okay. I've said it earlier, it's slow-paced but you will still read it cause you wanted to know what will happen even though you could totally predict some scenes. This book has 53 Chapters. When I first saw that I said to myself, "53 Chapters!? How could I finish that?! And Esther said she finished it in 2hours?!" Having said that I finish the books in 2days, I don't always read it cause I'm always online. LOL. Anyway, back to the main topic, in that 53 Chapters, the climax happened, IMO, in Chapter 38 or so. WTH happened to the first 37? Well, mostly the getting-to-know-you part and you know, all those cheesy things. Sure, there's a lot happened in there, to Samantha, Jase, Timmy, Nan, Samantha's mom, Jase's family and all. But I don't think all of those is not appropriate to include. I think it is right but I just wish that it could be lessen or something. 'Cause it's freakin' long you know? LOL.I like Jase's character. He's a down-to-earth guy, not that cocky just the right amount of cockiness, responsible, a good brother, a good son. What more I could say about him? Oh, I like it when he didn't judge Samantha when she finally admits the truth. He didn't associate her with the Princess' status. I mean, he sees her beyond that. Samantha's character is also good too. At first she's like a robot, you know, always saying YES, MOM. YES, YES, YES. She usually stays quiet and accepts her fate. BUT I like her because she stand up on her own. She have part time jobs and she's not a snob like an Ice Princess or something. She's helpful and all that. I like her even more when she stood up for the Garretts to her mom. SO, all in all, I like the book but since it is slow-paced and have some irk moments, I gave it a 4-star. I'll recommend it to anyone and once you read it, please finish it. IT may be worth it, or you might not think it's worth it at all but you'll never now if you will not finish it, right? :)P.S. I love Jase's brother, George. He's so adorable! :)"I'm pretty sure that comes with the territory," Jase says dryly. "Put down those technicolor ones. No freaking way.""But blue's my favorite color," I say, batting my eyelashes at him."Put them down. The glow-in-the-dark ones too. Jesus. Why do they even make those?"I just laughed at this convo. Jase and Sam were talking about condoms. :D