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A Broken Promise

A Broken Promise - Meg Brenner WARNING: Contained unmarked spoiler.In all honesty, I don't know where I should begin reviewing this book. I haven't read this kind of genre for awhile. The last book I've read that I was devastated, I think was Nicholas Sparks' work--either Message in a Bottle or A Walk To Remember. I'm not fond of tragedy like story that was why I stayed away to Nicholas Sparks books. A Broken Promise was recommended by a friend--who didn't warned me that I would bawled my eyes out in some parts. And it's not in my nature to ask for spoilers or how the book end, so I read it last night and just finished it today.Yes, my eyes were kind of puffy right now. It's because this book will make you cry, teary-eyed--whether you like it or not--and you'll be like WTF? So okay, on to the review. Jenna is a popular girl in their school--cheerleader captain, smart, hot, class president, soon-to-be valedictorian--you name it, she's that perfect. Or so she thought. We all know, nobody is really perfect, but Jenna, having all the good things, thought her life is perfect. Until she met Keiffer. Jenna's life was turned upside down, 360 degrees. From Queen Bee status to commoner and back again to the top then back again to the commoner. She fell in love with Keiffer, drop her perfect boyfriend just for the unstable guy, then unstable guy break up with her and she returns to Perfect BF and back again with unstable guy.Keiffer is a transferee and a mysterious type of guy. Totally mysterious. Even though I finished the book, I really don't understand him. I can't understand him and I don't want to. What he did was so wrong. Yes, he certainly have issues, he's suffering from depression for years but just like Jenna believe, I thought he'll be happy, he'll recover. For Jenna. For their future. But you know what he did? He ended his own life. Even though there's Jenna and their baby. He's a selfish bastard, IMO. Sure, you're depressed and all that, but committing suicide is a BIG NO-NO. You shouldn't even think about it. I wished he's strong enough to fight for Jenna and their baby.So when I thought everything was going to be alright, Meg Brenner dropped the bomb. *sigh* I don't know what to say anymore. I don't even know what rating I should have for this book. The ending was so-so. I don't like the ending. Although it's kind of a happy bitter ending for me. But maybe you guys will appreciate this book better than me. It's free from Amazon.