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School Spirits (Hex Hall)

School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins

This book is a good one. I mean, I love the Hex Hall series. But there's just something about this one that is not that quite good as the first three books of Hex Hall. Maybe it was because it makes me a bit annoyed at the part where Izzy was like "I'm new at this stuff so I don't know how to react right." I know that she's new, she's been sheltered since she was born and now her mom was making her experience the world. By world I mean going to a high school. 


But if you disregard that fact, it's pretty fun. Though the adventure that is presented to us is not that much cause mostly Hex Hall series' adventures are intense. I'd definitely read the next book to know what happened next. But am I that eager to know? No. I am not. Just normal me. Lol.