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Unhinged - Chapter Sampler

Unhinged - Chapter Sampler - A.G. Howard Oh boy. I should have read the first book, Splintered first! It slipped from my mind that this is a chapter sampler for book TWO. I was like "It's a chapter sampler." Just didn't know it's from book 2. :/ But I read it, just 30 minutes or less. I'm hooked. I need to read the first one. But it kind of spoiled the first book to me since it basically showed or converse to readers what happened in first book even though it's short introduction. And whole time I was reading it, I feel like I'm reading a faerie kind of book. The usual fae, the they can't lie fae and all that. I like reading those kinds of stories too. Missed it even because I haven't read those kinds for a long time now. And all I could say is good job at keeping me interested. I was looking for something short to read and I'm like on my 3rd or 4th one then I picked this up. It kept me reading until the very end. Need to read Splintered soon!