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The Girl Who Played Chess With An Angel

The Girl Who Played Chess With An Angel - Tessa Apa SPOILERS aheadWhen I first saw this, I was thinking "Oh, a book about Angels! Must have it!" I lurrrrve angel books... So yeah, when I start reading this... I'm like what is this all about? It's not the typical paranormal romance book. I don't think it's romance even. I was a bit confused for the purpose of this book whilst reading it. I'll try to keep this simple and short. I think the main purpose of this book was to enlighten us. Well, it did enlighten me in a way. Knowing what you believe in, thinking if it's right. This book is about God. Not the preaching kind of book nor a bible of sort. It's like choosing whether to believe in God or not. The girl, Florence, didn't believe in God even if she saw an Angel, played chess with it even. She wanted proof... She wants straight answers not reasons. I guess these quotes would best explain it...It was true, I wanted answers, not reasons. Answers respond to why, but reasons demand fairness. And I don't believe in fair.People want reasons that make sense. And that can be a problem, because some things don't.My mother thinks that if you can't see something, it's not real. But if that were true, my whole life would be make-believe. And here's something else that's one hundred percent true, in some way or another: everyone is BLIND.It's fun to read this kinds of books once in a while. And I did cry because of this. It's just that I like how she accepts things after contemplating, how she forgives and MOVE FORWARD in the end. It's just the way it is. It's mostly about life and accepting one's mistake. Learning from it and not let it be your mistake too.