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Angels of the Knights: Fallon

Fallon - Valerie Zambito I love Angel books. I don't know why but I seem obsess about them. I even got teary eyed. Um. yes, this one got me teary eyed just because of the angels. I mean, there's Guardian Angels, and I like how Zambito wrote about them. The tyhree castes of Angels, Empirica. It was described that good. I dunno. My throat just constricts when I thought of Angels saving humans. What I don't like about it is the romance side of the story. It's just... i don't know. Insta-love. And I was getting tired of reading insta-love with same plot all over again. If you want it to be insta-love, make some kind of twist. Uh, dunno what but as far as possible, don't make it insta-love. >_< I really cannot explain as to why I gave it a 3 star. I should have written this review yesterday when I finished it so it's still fresh in my mind. lol.