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I mostly read YA and NA books. I love them. Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, Contemporary Romance.

B.A.D. Luck

B.A.D. Luck - Caitlin Moran Um. A really weird book. Too fast paced. Too unreal for a PNR book. And by the way, I thought it's a Contemporary book before I started. I just can't grasp how she could be with that guy after meeting him, partying with him and then they just got sex and lose her virginity in the process because they are drunk. Huh. Right. I mean it happened but... really. What is up with this? The way it was constructed was so-so. The writing style too.I saw the ratings before I started, and I just continued because this is the only book in my Kindle that got less page. lol. And I wanted a quick read. There's not enough background story for this one. So in the end, you'll have more questions rather than answer. And does this book got a second installment? Cause it doesn't just end there.Read at your own risk.