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The Bane

The Bane  - Keary Taylor More like 2.5 stars? Eh... Um...The story or concept is quite good, I would rate that part, 4 stars. The Bane is actually a pretty good story if you are not looking at the love story. I mean, I know it probably not the focus of the book... But well, I dig really good love story (I'm a girl, I'm entitled to be like that! :P) and for me, the love story in this book is... so-so. Honestly, I'm not that against love triangle, only if it's written quite good, not like that. What I mean is that, she can't even decide who she wants. Okay, maybe she got good reasons as to WHY she can't. But after building it up with the guy 2, and then bam! She went to guy 1. WTH?! I'm the type of reader who likes the first pairing. I can't see the chemistry with Guy 1. There're LOT more chemistry with Guy 2, that's why I think they are better off with each other. But well, who am I to say? lol. Just my opinion. Towards the end, I wanted to throw my precious Kieran (my Kindle Paperwhite). Cause I was expecting she'll choose the guy I want. Ugh. So yeah, you know how much I don't like the ending if I wanted to throw my baby. :/ :( No way right?! I'm gripping it real tight then. :/