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Pale - Chris Wooding This book, Pale is just a short story about a new way to let people not die. It's a unique kind of book and I just wished that this is not just about 37 pages. I wanted to know more about the Pales. Why did they created the Pales and why is it for certain type of blood types only. And can't they be killed? I guess they can be killed. So why not just kill yourself then if you really don't want to be a Pale...The Pales are not treated well in here. The MC himself back when he is still a normal person, is not good to the Pales too since in the beginning he was joining his best friend, Kyle maltreated one Pale, David. He was one of those guys who abuse the Pales, who treated them as scums. Pales are called pales because they are injected with the serum, the Lazarus Serum, once injected before you die, you'll have some side effects. That means, your hair, skin will turn white as a chalk. They are like vampires in a way. They don't breathe anymore but still need to eat, and well they are given another chance at life.I like how the MC, Jeb, started to like the Pales. Of course at first he's bitter because of what happened but gradually he accepted it. He became friend with other Pales. He began to open up to David, the Pale who he beaten up with Kyle. I just wished that it's a bit longer but this short story is a good one. So 4 stars.