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Rape Girl

Rape Girl - Alina Klein 3.5 stars.I finished it in just 2hours. It's a fast read book since it only has 129 pages. And it's too short to my liking. I mean, the idea is good. But I wish Alina Klein elaborated more. Cause it's like the author's cramming it all up in a 100page something book. I thought that there're more pages left, I didn't expect to the story would end just like that. I feel like there's still a lot of potential for this book.Valerie could still grow, develops her character. But it just, BAM! That's it. And there were times that I was confused. I can't fully understand Valerie. I mean, yes, I know she's traumatized because she was raped. She lost all her friends, she was accused as a liar and all that. But still I don't see enough emotions in her. She's like, dead, flat or something. Cause in the first pages, she's not really, you know, horrified like a rape victim. She lacked emotions, as Katy said to her review. I think the mother horded all the emotions she should feel.Oh, yeah. I think that's it. The mother was much more heartbroken (which is of course, understandable, who's mom would just let it happen, anyway?), her mom has it more emotions than Valerie.I like how Valerie's family been very supportive of her and how she told her mom about it. Not all could admit that they were raped. And mostly girls just keeps it to themselves cause they are afraid of what the society and their peers would think. How it would ruin their image. But you must know that we shouldn't really keep it to ourselves cause it could happen again to anyone. What if it's your sister was next? You'll just blame yourself that you kept it all by yourselves. So better man it up! Remember, YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE.