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If I Should Die

If I Should Die - Amy Plum Pretty pretty cover! :) Just noticed it now. And it'll be released on May 2013?! Aw, man. Last book! Can't wait for this one. Wonder what would happen to Vincent. Since in the second book, it was such a cliffhanger...Hmmm... If I Should Die is the last book of the trilogy Revenants by Amy Plum. Story was about revenants. Revenants are prettified zombies. Er... The summary is like this, they die to help/save others and then resurrect after a couple of days as long as their bodies are not burned. And of course, there's the Numas. They are the complete opposite of Revenants or the Bardias, they kill people. They murder them in cold blood.So then the story in this third book, continued without much of a preamble from the ending of second book. I think it was just days after Vincent was taken by Violet. The Bardias and Numas believed that Vincent is the Champion. The one who'll save them from Numas. And Kate, I honestly didn't expect anything from her. I don't expect that she'll be able to save Vincent which leads to me asking for a spoiler about whether Vincent will be back for good in the middle of the book. The story is good. But a bit boring at some parts. If I will be asked if I enjoyed reading it the answer would be so-so? lol. I mean I still liked it but I do wished that some parts are not that long. Ending's pretty good. Didn't expect some of the twists. Kate's character evolved, I believe. But as usual, the guy is like "Don't do this or that. I don't want you getting hurt." The usual drama of guys who are a bit overprotective. In Vincent's case, I quite understand why he felt that way. Overall, yeah, story's great. But I feel there's something that is lacking. So 3 stars only. And yes, I'm satisfied with the ending.