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Dance to the Rescue (Dora the Explorer 8x8 (Quality))

Dance to the Rescue (Dora the Explorer) - Laura Driscoll, Dave Aikins Dora the Explorer. Should I make a review? Hmm.. Why not? It's still a book. :)One might ask, why the heck did I read Dora? The answer is that I'm just curious on what's written inside the book. AND since I saw Mitch's status and saw DORA in his read list, I look for the book. :DThe whole time I'm reading this book I was laughing. 'Cause I could totally imagine Dora and Boots having fun at the adventure. And it's funny because the book also asks you questions and asks you to do things for Dora and Boots to accomplish whatever they were trying to do, in this case, saving Swiper the Fox.Well, it was my first time reading Dora the Explorer (I've seen the cartooned version in TV) and this was the first time, I think, I've read Swiper asking for Dora and Boots' help.'Cause he's always the bad guy, snatching away things and throwing it so that Dora and Boots (WTF? I just type BUTCH!) will had a hard time finishing the problem. But in here he's trap in a bottle because he was tricked by the Dancing Elf to open the bottle, so in replacement, Swiper was sucked by the bottle. HAH! Can you believe that? Swiper was TRICKED! >:D He asked Dora and Boots for help and they go to an adventure to open the bottle without sucking Dora or Boots. :D So yeah, there you go. My thoughts regarding Dora the Explorer. I'm still waiting for the next book, Mitch will give me. :P And yes, another Dora's book. :)