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Finding Chase (Chasing Nikki, #2)

Finding Chase (Chasing Nikki, #2) - Lacey Weatherford Okay... officially starting it now... Good luck to me. :/Done! I know I am so stubborn for still wanting Nikki until today even though I already finished it. I really don't like stories like this. I mean, it's so emotional and good but I can't take it when the story became like that. I read Weatherford's uh, author's Note about this story. It's based on what happened to her in real life. I am glad that she find her true love after a devastating previous relationship. I am happy for Chase for finding love once again. It's just... You know... I stick to the first MC, I love her and all that, so I'm loyal to the first MC... That it's a bit hard to accept that. I also know that it's totally okay to love another person. I mean, personally if I knew someone who experience that, I don't want him/her wallowing it up and crying always. I would want him/her to be happy once again. I just got attached to Nikki that much that I really don't want Brittney for Chase. Yes, she's good and all. I like her too but I just wish it's not her, just a new person.I cried when Nikki shows up. Smiled when Chase is making funny comments or just being Chase. The attraction between Chase and Britt is yes, undeniable. But here I am wishing it'll be a Paranormal. LOL. And by the way, I know Chase doesn't want to. But he unconsciously (???) compare Nikki and Brittney. :/ He did it like 3 times? Or more? Yeah. It's a bit annoying when he do that but I understand. I understand the whole story. I felt it. But... It's a predictable. The turn of events. Guess that's okay.