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Suki-tte Ii na yo, Volume 1

Suki-tte Ii na yo, Volume 1 - Kanae Hazuki I know. I really love this volume. It's really good. I can't find faults for this manga. I like Mei, Yamato, Asami and even Nakanishi. Back then, I was insecure of my figure too. I mean, I got this big boobs too. Well, bigger than my peers. I was not really bullied because of it. But since I'm a bit of a tomboy back then, I didn't like having big breasts cause, how can I run and play with friends if my boobs are juggling in front of me? lol. It's annoying to have them that I wished I'm a flat chested girl (but I'm so thankful I'm not though. lol)Okay, so I also got this one classmate. A guy friend told me that that classmate told him I got big boobs that it's like I'm letting everyone know and that he think it's not normal or whatever. It was my first year at college. I haven't told anyone about that. even my bf, I think. But it really annoyed me. I didn't asked for having this rack. :/ O I totally feel what Asami felt. Now, my girl friends compliment my figure. lol. I still got bigger breasts than them though. And I just always say it's just fats that happened to go to my boobs. LOL. :PAnyway, totally looking forward to the next volume. I'll read it again sometime tomorrow. :)and btw, Thank you Rachel for recommending this to me. I haven't started a new shoujo series yet cause I still got lots of other books to read. :P