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Unmaking Hunter Kennedy

Unmaking Hunter Kennedy - Anne Eliot 4.5 Stars and rounding up!!! Woot! UPDATE: 12.10.12: Got the book today!!! Anne Eliot sent me one! :) Up in my blog: Ramblings of a YA Reader...I really love this one. It made me smile and a bit teary eyed. Although the music bit is less than what I wanted... It still rock. I have read Anne Eliot's first book, Almost. And I could say I really like this better than that. Almost took me 2 weeks to finished it but Unmaking Hunter Kennedy took me just what? 2 days? I'm not really the type to read books about Depression or whatever you called it stuffs. But this is crazy. I mean, crazy in a good way. Am I making any sense? Maybe it'll be better to just enumerate the things I like about this book... Here you go...I like Vere Roth. I know she's a bit of a naive, innocent type and a bit uh, annoying? LOL, she's an honest girl, cares for her friends and family, bit of a weirdo but a sweet girl. And also cute when she blush profusely. I even like Charlie cause he's so protective to his little sister, Vere. And he's sooooo freakin' funny when he met Hunter. He's totally reacts like a girl. *giggles* Jenna is so funny too! Her high-squealing is really hilarious. She can't get over the fact that Hunter was actually hanging out with her. LOL. Love this girl! Cool best friend too.Hunter Kennedy aka Dustin McHugh... I dunno, I like him but can't think of words that would describe him better than the physical one. My brain turns mushy. Although I have to say, I wanted to hear him talk too cause of the voice, Vere often complained about. I want to look him in the eyes too. Dammit. I like guys with blue eyes, well okay, colorful eyes. Yes I know, this one is perfect for me since I'm weird too. And heck yes! I drooled about him too! That first kiss got me squealing!!! God! Even though Anne Eliot, herself somehow warned me about it. Dammit. I totally grin, squeal with joy or whatever happy hormones I have. Kristen Stewart could even smile about it. :PThis is one of the moments I don't really know what to say about the book I've read besides it's really great. I don't know what to say. I like the story of the rock star who found himself again. Just...