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I mostly read YA and NA books. I love them. Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, Contemporary Romance.

LOVE STAGE! ! 第2巻 (あすかコミックスCL-DX)

Love Stage!! 2 - Eiki Eiki, Taishi Zaou OMG!!! One of the best BL books! :D BL meaning Boys Love, or in Japan, YAOI. One of my favorites! *squeals* I'm currently reading the manga update and it's so effin' funny! :DThe drawing is soooooooo pretty! I really like pretty and cool drawings. One thing that draws me to this manga. I love Izumi and his geekiness about animes and mangas. He's trying really hard to achieve his goal to be a mangaka. Then he met Ryoma. Oh damn. They are pretty goodlooking couple. Izumi: *all serious looking asking Rei about BL* Does doing IT with another guy hurt? Or does it not?Rei: *shocked face* ...Izumi: *shows off his BL mangas to Rei, serious* Look! In this one, it looks like it really hurts! But then in this one it's like, "OMG it's my first time but it feels soooo good"! So which is the truth?!LMAO!!! I love his innocence. :DUPDATE (12.07.2012):OMG. OMG. OMG. Why such a cliffhanger! What's wrong with all this books! >:( Ending it with a cliffhanger. I want the next chapter! Izumi and Ryouma will finally do it! :P Izumi now realize that he loves Ryouma. Dammit. I'm grinning while reading it earlier. LOL.