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I mostly read YA and NA books. I love them. Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, Contemporary Romance.

Touch of Frost

Touch of Frost - Jocelyn Adams Quick read. It's pretty good. What is Willem Frost? It's a lot better than what I expect or imagine. I thought he's a wolf or Ice Beast or something. This reminds me of the books I've read here in the Philippines. I mean published here. It's like a pocketbook with only less than 100 pages. So it didn't take me a lot of time to read Touch of Frost.I could say that this could be a good series if decided to make it as a trilogy. But given the ending, I'm happy at how it ends. Mixed feeling about whether it'll be good to make a trilogy. Cause it might just dragged the story down. So yeah, I guess just leave it as it is.I want a lynx! :) Calla is a pretty good name. If I had to name something I'll name it Calla. :)