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オオカミどものしつけ方 (少コミフラワーコミックス)

オオカミどものしつけ方 [Ookamidomo no Shitsukekata] - Yuki Shiraishi, Yuki Shiraishi It's a bit weird cause the last chapter is I think not it anymore. :o But this is such a cute short read. It have 5 Chapters. But well, I guess just four then since as I mentioned the last chapter is not them anymore. In any case, totally enjoyed it!A sole girl in Jail High full of guys that are a bit violent. But they are an industrial school. Meaning they have specialized departments. For Nozomi, it's in the Automotive. She loves building cars. And she's also called "Killer Machine" cause when she's angry, she's totally indestructible. :D No one from her class wants to anger her.I wish this manga is long. I really like the concept. :)