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What's Left of Me (Hybrid Chronicles Series #1)

What's Left of Me (Hybrid Chronicles Series #1) - AWESOME!The book reminded me of two other different books. The first one was The Lost Girl by Sangu Mandanna and the second one was The Host by Stephenie Meyer.I am not saying that those books are totally alike and I am not comparing them cause I haven't really read The Host yet. I didn't get past Chapter One then. Maybe just a bit of resemblance to The Host cause as far as I remember there's also another soul within the body. From the first page up to the last, I was drawn to it. It is certainly a page turner. Cause well, there's someone other than Addie talking inside her head. Eva. I admit, I talked to myself--you got to admit it to that you also did that--and sometimes it answered back. LOL. I mean just as a conscience. Not really like there's another soul inside of me. I liked the story, how it was developed. Although I keep on thinking from the very start, "What if they fall in love? Like to a different guy? Isn't it too awkward?"I have some questions when I started this one. Like "How did they know for certain that Addie and Eva finally settled?" or "Why do people born with two souls in one body? What's the basis?" The first one was certainly answered. They were tested, like maybe MRI or some equipment for the brain waves, saw a pattern or something and declared she already settled that Eva was now gone. The last one was just based on myself I guess. I mean, that's how the Zhang wanted it to be like, so as a reader I just have to accept it since this is a Dystopian book. I also can't help but remember Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Maybe cause of the lab tests. And oh, I wonder what would happen if they did run? But Addie was right though. Where would they go? So I knew when they got to the clinic, somehow, some way, they'll device a way to escape. Course, that's what mostly one should do. Another question that sprang in my mind, "What did the Hybrids ever did to the settlers?" I mean sure, they started a war or something. But that's something so long ago. I guess it's just a grudge then. And power hungry people. Well, anyway, I really liked it. I'm always generous at giving ratings and since I don't really find that much fault in here, I've rated it 4.5 stars. But of course, that's just only my own opinion. One might say that there is something wrong in here, but I don't care.