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The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus, #3)

The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus, #3) - Rick Riordan 4.5 stars and rounded up! First of all, I missed reading Rick Riordan's books! So when I finally started reading this one, I had this stupid grin on my face that I can't removed. :O I like how Annabeth was a bit sadistic when she met Percy. LOL. Really! Judo flipping?! :DSecond, I like how Riordan chose the four POVs. And thank the Gods he chose Percy over Jason for the other POV and Leo! Besides Percy, I really really like Leo from the start of the series. The four speaker balances the whole story. The way it was written is perfect. “Blue elephants.”“Blue elephants.”“Kiss me, you fool.”“You fool.”“Hey!”“Hey!”Seriously, after Percy, Leo is the second best character cause he really made me laugh with all his sarcastic comments. I like how he deal with Narcissus. And btw, that one reminded me of JP cause he's sooo full of himself! I was aghast at how much they resemble. :O Really, that Narcissus have to look at himself at the pond or lake or whatever that has his reflection and mutters "I am so hot" or “I love him. He’s so gorgeous.”?! The level of Narcissus's self-confident is higher than the Gods. LOL.And I know that I'm really slow with reading AND thinking about what would happen next or that I should have put two-and-two together with all that clues... But I had to say, I was like "AH! Arachne!", just when Annabeth was on her own. LOL. Also, I totally didn't expect the ending.I got really teary-eyed cause of it. I know, crybaby, me. And so I am excited for next year! For the fourth book, The House of Hades. I really hope that Percy would be one of the POV again, so that we could have some insights about that place... Oh, another thing, Leo said something about doors. How they should be closed or something, and there will be someone at both end and it's like he's saying that one person will be left behind. Can't wait to find out. ;)