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Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning Starting it right now. The book before this one leaved me hanging. And... honestly? Kinda gross out. >_< and the Prologue's making me relieved the gross out part. :/HOLY HELL. THAT'S IT?! WTH?! Such a damned cliffhanger! >:( Omg. I need to read the last book, now! This cliffhanger was the worst than the third book. >:(Anyway, I like how Dani saves Mac and how she cares for the latter; believed that she's alive and innocent. Though there's some point where I was bored by Mac again from her explanations or descriptions, I enjoyed it when she's thrown to different worlds and well, whenever Barrons's around.That man, Jericho Z. Barrons, is the SHIT. Such a badass man and I can't help but swoon over him. Yeah, I think I have some major glitch on my mind cause I like him. >_< Sue me, but well, JZB is definitely swoon worthy. But still, he had to answer Mac, and my questions on the last book. You better, Barrons!By the way, I kinda pity Barrons when he's helping Mac. Or should I not? Cause I think he also enjoyed it. Though yeah, I think choosing between right or wrong is hard when it's too tempting to choose the wrong one. :DAnd lastly, I really don't like mind games. I'm no good with it. Anyway, 4 stars for keeping me intrigued up until the last part. Oh hell, I want to know now who's that person she saw! And how she'll escape that world. Also, Mac's kinda slow. I know that that thing was the thing in Barrons' underground. Hah!