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Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse

The Titan's Curse - Rick Riordan Done before midnight! Yes! Anyway. Just 4 stars. I like the second book more than this third. I'm kind of confused for the first few pages. I even checked the second book's ending if what I remembered as the ending was the same. And yes, the ending I remembered was the same. Thalia was back from being a tree. So imagine my confusion when the first chapter said that they were going to see Grover in Westover with Annabeth AND Thalia. Like they were all long time friends. I mean, what the heck? How in the world did that happen? Did I miss some chapters in the second book? But no, I did not. Anyway, I read on cause it's interesting. Though I really didn't like Thalia that much, I can't really explain why. Maybe because she's too bossy or something. But then again, that's understandable. She's a Daughter of Zeus. I guess she had the right to be bossy. And then there's this girl, Bianca, I also didn't like much, but in the end, she explained herself why she choose to be with the Hunters. But still... Never mind. There were lots of self-centered characters in here. But later on they kind of admit it and changed it or something. Aphrodite, Apollo and Artemis were shown. Mostly Artemis since it's almost about her. Ares was also back. I wonder if in the fourth book, Hades would be seen? Since I kind of like the God of the Underworld in the first book. And since Hades was the father of Nico and Bianca, that might be a reason for him to show himself in the fourth book, is it not?Luke is so hard to kill! WTH?! How many times should one would try to kill him before he ends up dead? LOL. :D For the love of gods, I wish the next book would give me some answers and not questions again. Still, enjoyed reading it. Can't you see? I read it for one whole freakin' day. If I didn't went out today, I should have finish it sooner.