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Desires of the Dead (Body Finder Series #2)

Desires of the Dead (Body Finder, #2) - Kimberly Derting Originally posted at My Blog.I really love this series. I love the first book. So I'm expecting that it'll be the same in the second book. But... sigh. There's some scenes that makes me wanna throw it or pull my hair out.It started okay. Good actually. But somehow boring. Unlike the first book where they got serial killings, in the second book, it was kinda dulled? When I read the first book, I refrained from reading it at night because I was scared of the killer. But here, I stayed up late to finish it. It's not that creepy anymore.The story now revolves about new kids (Mike and Megan), Rafe and Sara. The last two were from the FBI. So Violet discovered a young boy's body, she got to the pay phone and call 911 to report it since she couldn't just used her phone because they could trace it back to her and she didn't want that to happen. BUT she totally forgot that there could be someone/something/anything that might see her taking the call or her car's plate number. And then there's the cat issue. A dead cat found next to Violet's car in the middle of the night. I had my theories. I thought that she's the one who did that. Killed the cat and placed it there so Violet could see it.I know that my theory was wrong though cause Mystery author's job is to make the reader speculate about the suspect and then bam! They are not even a suspect. Then Violet and I thought the same. She thought that the suspect is X (not saying any name to be fair. :P). Then she confided to Jay about it THROUGH PHONE CALL. And when Jay didn't/can't believe her, she did the most annoying thing, for me.Really, how could you do it with phone? It's not supposed to work that way. And it really made me frustrated about it. She didn't want to hear any arguments about it without really thinking clearly. Ugh. Then there's Rafe. I'm not really fond of love triangles, thanks to Elena-Damon-Stefan love/hate story. LOL. I just knew that someday, there'll be something with Rafe and Violet. Why else an author introduce a new guy that kind of sticks to the female MC? You don't say they just want to be friends. But to Violet's credit, she's loyal to Jay.I can totally say that after Violet wrong assumptions, I now know who the real killer is. I somehow guessed it'll be that person. And I think I now know, too, what can Rafe do based on the almost last part of the book. Overall, it bored me at times but kept reading because I want to know the truth. It's not that exciting for me though. :( But I'm gonna continue reading the series. Will start the third book this week, hopefully.