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Face the Music

Face the Music - Andrea K. Robbins It was, again, recommended to me. I'm trying to finish books that are recommended to me first. And since this book is a stand-alone, I decided to give it a try.So... plot... the plot was for me, predictable. I know what would happen in the end. I have read a lot of books with this kind of plot. You don't know how the Filipino love this kind of genre. I've read a lot of contemporary books in my language. And this plot was so overused in here. So I already know what will happen in the end of this book, I mean what will the climax be. I think you guys will know what will be the reason behind why Allie did what she thinks was the best.So there, as for the characters... Hmm... They are okay. I mean, Allie is somehow whiny but kinda understandable. Chris is cool, sexy, had a great voice, handsome, Superstar, what else would you want? The supporting characters are good too, Jake, Allie's sister, Lauren, Molly (I like Molly! :)). Overall: I thought it was okay. 3.5 stars. I actually feel like this book is so long. Or slow-paced. Or is it just me? But I finished it in 2days or I mean nights. I even slept at 2am just to finished this book earlier. >_< So yeah, I liked it but not that much. :)