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The Golden Lily (Bloodlines, #2)

The Golden Lily (Bloodlines, #2) - Richelle Mead WARNING: I'm a little distressed so this review is really about me rambling a lot about what the heck this book did to me.HUH. A big HUH for TGL. Just, WHY??? WHY does it have to end like that?! WHY OH FREAKIN' WHY?? I'm a big fan of Vampire Academy, I love all the characters in there. I like Adrian too even Sydney when she showed up when Rose went to Russia to hunt Dimitri... So why was Bloodlines keep on doing this to me?!I've been procrastinating this book for 3 weeks I guess? Or less. I don't feel like reading it since I don't want Adrian to be with someone else. I honestly don't want him to be in love with anyone else but... ME? LOL! Kidding aside, this book bored me at some point. I feel like I'm an idiot next to Sydney's genius one. So sometimes, I skip some detailed discussion about certain things like the windmill.Maybe because I was actually waiting for more action since this is about Vampires, you know. There's gotta be lot of actions! But yes, I know Sydney's the MC so there'll be just a bit of action. And well, we did got some action but on Chapter 18 or so. It mostly became like a Chick Lit story but with paranormal side dish.Sydney Sage. Goodness. She was taught that Moroi and Dhampirs are bad but not like Strigoi bad. And the magic and all that. But she often forgot that HUMANS too can be so cruel like Strigoi. How could she forget that? Duh. Just because you're working with vampires doesn't mean all vamps are bad. Humans too! And boy, she's really clueless about dating! It's funny and I get why she's so clueless but still you're genius! Can't you take a hint or something? Can't you feel that kind of feeling? Well of course she can't. That's why she encouraged Brayden. Well, enough of the girl. She's genius, clueless to dating, responsible now irresponsible, kind, helpful and we all know it by now.In case you're wondering about Adrian. Heck yeah! He's so swoon worthy but why?! I can't get over it! Why, Adrian? Ugh. I love Adrian, he's fun, cool, crazy, cocky, and witty. I like how he evolves in this book (but yeah, can't get over how he became like that), I like how he tried talking to his Dad, I just wish somehow, he showed more of what he feels inside to his Dad, but yes, I know he'll just be ridiculed by his father. I hate Nathan Ivashkov for hurting Adrian. But still, Adrian, I cried when he confessed his true feelings. I was like "No, No, No, NO, FREAKIN' NO."We watched Adrian got hurt by Rose and now her?! Huh. Why's that Adrian always gets hurt? Just go hurt the girls! ANYWAY, the side characters are great. We saw a lot of Dimitri *swoon!* and Sonya working side by side with the gang. Saw Eddie goes from Jill to... Yeah. And wait, I like Trey. I just wish Trey would end up with Sydney. Though I'm guessing it would not. Since this book or series are somehow about Adrian too. >_