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Easy - Tammara Webber Reading Easy is a first to me. This is my first time reading a Young Adult Contemporary novel. I mostly stick to Young Adult Paranormal or Dystopian books, but when I finished this, I was glad that I strayed away from my normal dose of books. Jacqueline is a likable character. At first I thought that she'll be whiny and depressed and all but she proved to me, as the story goes, that I was wrong. She's anything but that. Breaking up with your boyfriend for three years, we all know, is hard especially if you really love the person. And I know that Jacqueline is entitled to be mopey but she choose to move on, to get her ass in class because she's failing her econ because she don't want to see her ex. I love how Webber pulled Jacqueline up and stand on her own again.And when the attempted rape happened, I wished she told her best friend about it much earlier. I hated Buck for doing those things. I was happy when the savior came in the name of Lucas.I like Erin's character so freakin' much! I love how she's so supportive to Jacqueline and she stood up for Jacqueline to Chaz, leading to their break up and for others. I love how she's bubbly and naughty and nice. She's the best supporting character I have read! The love interest of Jacqueline namely Lucas, has a bad boy image (tattoos and all), he saved her, wanted her, but still a mysterious character. I was a bit impatient when will Lucas' past will be revealed. It's kind of creepy when he finally told Jacqueline something about himself. How he always looks at her, follow her, those stalker like things. Well, at least he did admit that's it stalkerish. :P But the bottom line is that the author made it romantic, in my opinion. And he's hot and brainy and he's kind of a Jack of all trades with all different jobs he did, so the stalker thing will not get in your nerves, in my opinion. This book made me happy, laugh, annoyed, sad, snorting and smirking at some scenes and yes! I got teary eyed at the part of Lucas' past. I'm a sucker for crying guys! I cry to when they cried. :( Overall, I love this book and recommend it to everyone. This story is a heartwarming one and I believe people should know that they should stand firm to their ground and fight back when you are being bullied; done something horrible to you. Don't ever keep it to yourself.