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The Body Finder (Body Finder Series #1)

The Body Finder (Body Finder Series #1) - This is the second time I read a Mystery novel where in there's a killer. Yeah sure I've read a Mystery novel but this book has also suspense in it. I actually didn't realize that I was holding my breath as I read it yesterday when I exhaled. At first when I grabbed this book, I didn't read it yet. After a long time, I decided to read it, curiosity got the better of me.The plot is so breathtakingly good but the romance between Violet and Jay is somehow predictable. Let me explain myself, I have read numerous of books, novels, short stories and the likes about best friends falling in love. So I actually know what would happen to their romance as soon as it start. But I liked how they interact together, I mean when they, you know.Anyway, for the other part, the mystery part, I was kind of terrified of this killer. I actually refrain from reading when night came. I don't want the killer inside my head when I dream, you know. So I mostly read it at day. *yeah, coward me.* Being inside the killer's head is terrifying because you know that what he thinks about is psychotic, sadistic and sooooo wrong. I can't understand him doing the things he did to the girls. And honestly, I didn't thought of the partnership *oopps!*I love Violet's ability though I don't wish it would happen to me. It's scary to have the ability to sense the echoes of the dead. And I love the way Kimberly made Violet's family so close. They support each other, even the Uncle and Aunt of Violet. I can feel their love towards Vi, how they protect her against anyone, how they protect her secret and not shun her. I love the way their family cares for Violet Ambrose.All in all, I love it. I didn't regret reading it now. I wished I have read it when I first saw it. Kimberly Derting is now one of my favorite author! Kudos!Grab a copy now! It's never too late to read an exceptionally good book!xoxo,lexie