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Jennifer L Armentrout news and Giveaway

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JLA is giving a giveaway! :) Join now!!! You still have 5 days to enter and guess what?! It's INTERNATIONAL!!! Yeah, you read that right! I'm from Philippines so this is such a great news for me. :)

The Mortal Instruments Movie
The Mortal Instruments Movie

Have you guys watched The Mortal Instruments already? Or at least read the book?? I did both. I read the book, I think 3 years ago... And watched the film just last Sunday (August 25th 2013) without re-reading the said book. :o I know and remember the outline of what happened in the book... But I don't remember every bit of details. Soooooo. I QUITE LIKED THE MOVIE.


I really did enjoyed myself watching the film. I was so engrossed and serious while watching it that my boyfriend just shocked me and I was frightened a bit. lol. :D


BF: How many books are in there?

ME: Currently there's 5, next year the last book will be released.

BF: *thinking*

ME: I won't bring you anymore next time. 

BF: Well you're scared anyways, why would you watch it yourself? *snickers*

ME: Cause you shocked me! I was serious at watching the movie and you suddenly grab me and made noise! 


Yeaaaaah. We argued about that. lol. Anyway, the effects are awesome. The demons are so realistic. The clothes that were used are superb.


The movie is great! You should watch it! 

School Spirits (Hex Hall)

School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins

This book is a good one. I mean, I love the Hex Hall series. But there's just something about this one that is not that quite good as the first three books of Hex Hall. Maybe it was because it makes me a bit annoyed at the part where Izzy was like "I'm new at this stuff so I don't know how to react right." I know that she's new, she's been sheltered since she was born and now her mom was making her experience the world. By world I mean going to a high school. 


But if you disregard that fact, it's pretty fun. Though the adventure that is presented to us is not that much cause mostly Hex Hall series' adventures are intense. I'd definitely read the next book to know what happened next. But am I that eager to know? No. I am not. Just normal me. Lol.

Interim Goddess of Love (Interim Goddess of Love, #1) - Mina V. Esguerra A just so-so book. Review later.

Stardust Wink, Vol. 11

Stardust Wink, Vol. 11 - Nana Haruta OMFG!!!! I love Hinata AND Sou, but wow! that chapter ending... WOW. WOW. WOW. Dammit. >.

Unhinged - Chapter Sampler

Unhinged - Chapter Sampler - A.G. Howard Oh boy. I should have read the first book, Splintered first! It slipped from my mind that this is a chapter sampler for book TWO. I was like "It's a chapter sampler." Just didn't know it's from book 2. :/ But I read it, just 30 minutes or less. I'm hooked. I need to read the first one. But it kind of spoiled the first book to me since it basically showed or converse to readers what happened in first book even though it's short introduction. And whole time I was reading it, I feel like I'm reading a faerie kind of book. The usual fae, the they can't lie fae and all that. I like reading those kinds of stories too. Missed it even because I haven't read those kinds for a long time now. And all I could say is good job at keeping me interested. I was looking for something short to read and I'm like on my 3rd or 4th one then I picked this up. It kept me reading until the very end. Need to read Splintered soon!
Indexing - Seanan McGuire I liked it okay. It has a good start. Interesting after 2 pages in. But it did leave me confused. I guess I just need to read the next serial to comprehend the story. Just a quick question though, Henry, she's from Sleeping Beauty right? so why did she said "My inner Snow White blah blah"? :/

Unhinged (Splintered, #2)

Unhinged (Splintered, #2) - A.G. Howard I just read the chapter sampler! Nooooo! I should have read the first book, Splintered, first. :(( But it's interesting! I need to read the first one. :)

The Girl Who Played Chess With An Angel

The Girl Who Played Chess With An Angel - Tessa Apa SPOILERS aheadWhen I first saw this, I was thinking "Oh, a book about Angels! Must have it!" I lurrrrve angel books... So yeah, when I start reading this... I'm like what is this all about? It's not the typical paranormal romance book. I don't think it's romance even. I was a bit confused for the purpose of this book whilst reading it. I'll try to keep this simple and short. I think the main purpose of this book was to enlighten us. Well, it did enlighten me in a way. Knowing what you believe in, thinking if it's right. This book is about God. Not the preaching kind of book nor a bible of sort. It's like choosing whether to believe in God or not. The girl, Florence, didn't believe in God even if she saw an Angel, played chess with it even. She wanted proof... She wants straight answers not reasons. I guess these quotes would best explain it...It was true, I wanted answers, not reasons. Answers respond to why, but reasons demand fairness. And I don't believe in fair.People want reasons that make sense. And that can be a problem, because some things don't.My mother thinks that if you can't see something, it's not real. But if that were true, my whole life would be make-believe. And here's something else that's one hundred percent true, in some way or another: everyone is BLIND.It's fun to read this kinds of books once in a while. And I did cry because of this. It's just that I like how she accepts things after contemplating, how she forgives and MOVE FORWARD in the end. It's just the way it is. It's mostly about life and accepting one's mistake. Learning from it and not let it be your mistake too.


Defy - Sara B. Larson Is there an ARC for this one?! The blurb looks good! I actually read it. >.


Tangled - Emma Chase DNF. I don't think I'll be picking it up again so yes, I'm not finishing it. Like Glamdring, I do find Drew funny for the first part... But NOT after they started to get immature OVER WORK. WORK is WORK. You don't mess with it. I mean, if you want to get the account, you could do it in a nice competitive match. NOT how they did it. IT's not MATURE. They are what? 30s? And they act like that in work? NO, just. NO. I'm immature, but not towards work. I know where I should place my immaturity and that is not at work. BE professional about it. And you know, at first Drew being that confident and all, it's cool. But after it? I actually got until the part where he met the boyfriend or should I say, the fiance, and maybe the other guy is really a douche... but... I don't know... His confidence and arrogance is not something I could really tolerate anymore. :/Def not for me.

Nearly Broken: 1

Nearly Broken - Devon Ashley Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Review will be posted on July 22nd on my blog; Fastidious Reader.


Anomaly - Krista McGee Anomaly is not the right book for me... It is too slow for me, not that engaging to read, it bored me a bit. So yes, I marked it as Did-Not-Finish (DNF). It might be the right book for others and I would want others to read it if they find it appealing. Hopefully, readers would enjoy this book. :)

B.A.D. Luck

B.A.D. Luck - Caitlin Moran Um. A really weird book. Too fast paced. Too unreal for a PNR book. And by the way, I thought it's a Contemporary book before I started. I just can't grasp how she could be with that guy after meeting him, partying with him and then they just got sex and lose her virginity in the process because they are drunk. Huh. Right. I mean it happened but... really. What is up with this? The way it was constructed was so-so. The writing style too.I saw the ratings before I started, and I just continued because this is the only book in my Kindle that got less page. lol. And I wanted a quick read. There's not enough background story for this one. So in the end, you'll have more questions rather than answer. And does this book got a second installment? Cause it doesn't just end there.Read at your own risk.

Angels of the Knights: Fallon

Fallon - Valerie Zambito I love Angel books. I don't know why but I seem obsess about them. I even got teary eyed. Um. yes, this one got me teary eyed just because of the angels. I mean, there's Guardian Angels, and I like how Zambito wrote about them. The tyhree castes of Angels, Empirica. It was described that good. I dunno. My throat just constricts when I thought of Angels saving humans. What I don't like about it is the romance side of the story. It's just... i don't know. Insta-love. And I was getting tired of reading insta-love with same plot all over again. If you want it to be insta-love, make some kind of twist. Uh, dunno what but as far as possible, don't make it insta-love. >_< I really cannot explain as to why I gave it a 3 star. I should have written this review yesterday when I finished it so it's still fresh in my mind. lol.

Banished From Grace: 1 (Fall From Grace Series Book 1)

Banished from Grace - Aria Williams WTH. What is this ending?! I want Book Two. Right. NOW. >_